Thursday, 31 May 2012

UNILAG Students protest continues | People who speak against the protest

UNILAG Students protest continues | People who speak against the protest

Following the naming ceremony of University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University by The Federal Government of Nigeria on 29th May, 2012, The Students of UNILAG have been on the street of Lagos protesting against this pronouncement by President Goodluck Jonathan. The Students today blocked the Third Mainland Bridge to show their disagreement with the ‘meaningless change of name’.

Many have been reacting to this protest by UNILAG Students both positively and negatively. Here is a comments from one of the many people that go against the protest by the Students.
“Freedom of speech, but not insult, is the hallmark of democracy,all these blackberry students should better face their studies. When did naming and renaming of schools become the prerogative of students. Imagine how some posters think, UNILAG is swagzz, is a brand, sounds international and all those rubbish talk. Is that the problem of UNILAG and other universities in the country. What do you expect when they have turned an academic environment into a social entertainment complex. Is this the first time such renaming happened? Students of this generation have lost focus and lack priorities. In a community where there is inadequate facilities, gross underfunding, lack of power, water, teaching aids, research grants, project sponsorships and scholarships, what the students protest about is what doesn't add value to their degrees and lives. I weep for Nigerian youths for having lost the intellectual capacity to intelligently discourse issues, analyze situations, draw deductions, make projections, prefer solutions and take actions that can bring positive change and add meanings to their lives. It is a shame they are even on the street at all when they sat back while their future is being eaten away by the political class. In my generation, students led protest against repressive govt policies and actions. Anti SAP riots was a glorious show of peoples power orchestrated by NANS. Not any more, what we have now is cultism, ashawoism, commercialisationism, showbizism. Student power is dead and with it peoples power .
Please UNILAG/MAU students should go back to their hostels o! Before you know it, thugs will hijack this protest which i'm sure isn't coordinated and innocent girls and boys will be Molested, people will be robbed, injured and the police will start shooting at people and later claim they shot in the air. Its just a name change after four or five years you go waka leave am ,remember when IFE was changed to OAU, it was difficult at first, but today is pronounced freely, the same will be applicable here, you all will get used to newest brand someday.”


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