Monday, 16 January 2012

Fuel Prices Cut Down to N97 After Nationwide Strike And Protests in Nigeria (NLC Says No)

Fuel Prices Cut Down After Nationwide Strike And Protests in Nigeria

The Nigerian federal Government after massive protests by the Citizens, cuts down the prices of fuel to N97 from the recent hiked price. The announcement to this effect was made today Monday by President Goodluck Jonathan himself. "Given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after consideration and consultations with state governors and the leadership of the National Assembly, (the) government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol to 97 nairas (60 cents) a liter," Jonathan said in his broadcast.

The President commanded all Government workers to return to work, or they risk losing their jobs. NLC and TUC Leaders say the strike continues but encouraged people to be in their house and not gather for protest for now. This is said for security reasons. They insist that the price of fuel should be taken back to N65 per liter.

The federal government in response to the stand of the Unions had however sets out Force men to the streets of strategic areas in some states where people have been gathering together for protest. 

"Occupy Nigeria", the theme for the nationwide strike in Africa's most populous nation continues till further notice. We shall update you here about the ongoing saga in the Country.


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