Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NLC Nationwide Strike Receives Massive Supports From Nigerians

Just after the federal Government of Nigeria announced the removal of fuel subsidy, there has been massive protest following the nationwide Strike declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) which took off on Monday 9th January. The protest has been tagged “Occupy Nigeria”. This kind of protest looks like first of its kind in Nigeria as people from all walks of life ranging from Lawyers, Doctors, Civil servants, Politicians, Traders, Teachers and others take time off work to say no to the removal of fuel subsidy. So far, the protest has been successful in Lagos and other places across the nation though there have been records of killings of protesters by the members of the harm forces.

“There’s something called an appointed time. We are here today on this podium to announce to our children and rulers that the appointed time has arrived. There’s no going back. With the power of the Almighty with us, we are taking over our nation and the entire black race and freeing ourselves,” This was the speech of a 76-year old politician activist, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite at the protest rally in Gani Fawehinmi Park in Ojota, Lagos.

Addressing the protesters, Kataphs said the struggle must continue until the price of petrol is reversed to N65 a litre.

Chanting war songs, the protesters called on President Goodluck Jonathan to resign as they claimed he was no longer in control of affairs in the country.
After chanting labour solidarity songs for over an hour, Kataphs directed them to go back to their houses and re-group at 8 a.m. tomorrow for continuation of the protest.


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